User-Friendly Features

Easy to Learn - Simple to Use

Over 40 Preset Treatments – for Ultimate Simplicity

The LightWalker touch-screen offers a simple & intuitive menu of pre-programmed laser treatments. You pick the treatment and the laser automatically sets your optimum starting parameters. With an optional dermatological handpiece, the AT model can even perform aesthetic skin treatments such as wrinkle removal and skin rejuvenation (where permitted by local practice regulations).

Four Main Application Groups

Hard Tissue Menu

Surgery Menu

LightWalker allows you to "keep it simple" with Comfort View or provides for full control of all the laser output perimeters with Advanced View

Comfort View

Advanced View

OPTOflex® Articulated Arm – for Weightless Operation

The LightWalker AT's unique and patented OPTOflex® articulated arm is perfectly balanced during use, making Er:YAG handpieces feel completely weightless in your hand. OPTOflex® allows for a full range of motion and a maximum degree of control as it makes maneuvering handpieces much smoother, improving treatment precision and ease.

Titanium Handpiece Technology – for Unmatched Durability

All LightWalker models feature advanced titanium handpieces that provide robust durability for constant handling and frequent sterilization. Lightwalker's tipped and tipless Er:YAG handpieces have an integrated air/water spray for additional patient comfort, as well as a quick disconnect system for greater convenience and easier sterilization. More than 15 specialized handpieces are compatible with LightWalker systems.

Green Pointing Beam – for Improved Visibility

Introduced with dental surgeons in mind, this optional feature for LightWalker AT helps provide improved visibility over standard red-pointing beams when performing oral surgery.

Automatic Handpiece Detection – for Ease of Use

The LightWalker AT comes equipped with two Nd:YAG handpieces, providing two different fiber diameters constantly available at your disposal. What's more, LightWalker AT has an automatic handpiece detection system which knows exactly which handpiece you have picked up and automatically restores the last-saved parameters for that handpiece.

X-Runner™ – for New Treatment Possibilities

LightWalker AT is the first dental laser on the market with digitally controlled handpiece technology, offering dentists entirely new treatment possibilities and unmatched levels of precision that have not been seen before in the world of dentistry.

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