An Expanding list of Hard and Soft Tissue Procedures

Partial List of Soft Tissue Procedures That Can Be Performed With LightWalker: 

• Gingivectomy

• Snoring Reduction

• Gingivoplasty 

• Gingival Troughing 

• Periodontal Pocket Debridement Laser Therapy / Laser Assisted New Attachment  Procedure 

• Biopsies 

• Fibroma Removal 

• Implant Uncovering 

• Flap Surgery 

• Soft Tissue Incisions 

• Soft Tissue Excisions 

• Destruction of Lesions 

• Treatment of Aphthous Ulcers 

• Treatment of Herpetic Lesions 

• Treatment of Venous Lake 

• Distal / Proximal Wedge 

• Operculectomies 

• Excision of Pericoronal Gingiva 

• Soft Tissue Crown Lengthening 

• Removal of Hyperplastic Tissue 

• Hemostasis 

• Exposure of Un-erupted Teeth 

• Vestibuloplasty / Frenuloplasty 

• Frenectomy / Frenotomy 

• Incision and Drainage 

Partial List of Hard Tissue (Dentition and Osseous) Procedures That Can Be Performed with LightWalker:

• Caries Removal, Restorative Preparations

• Enamel Roughing 

• Cleaning of Endodontic Canals and Pulpal Chambers 

• Osseous Crown Lengthening 

• Osseous Shaving, Contouring, and Recontouring (Osteoplasty and Osteotomy) 

• Treatment of (Bisphosphonate Related) Osseous Necrosis of the Jaw (BONJ / ONJ) 

• Assisting in Bleaching of Dentition 

• Removal of Coronal Pulp (Pulpotomy and hemostasis of pulp horns) 

• Treatment of a Failing Implant 

• Apicoectomy Surgery 

• Removal of Composite Restorative Material 

• Removal of Porcelain Veneer (and removing cement from a porcelain veneer) 

• Removal of Filing Materials During Root Canal Retreatment 

• Detection and Removal of Subgingival Calculus

list courtesy of Advanced Integration and Mentoring

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