Physics Forceps, Dental Forceps


Achieving atraumatic tooth extractions have never been easier, more predictable, or faster than with the revolutionary Physics Forceps by Golden Dental Solutions.

A biochemical rationale to extractions based on the power of a Class I lever. Beak & Bumperâ„¢ design allows forcep to operate as a lingual elevator.

The new standard in exodontias

Our revolutionary beak & bumper dental extraction forceps makes exodontias of any tooth, in any condition, including bad teeth, predictable & non-surgical.

The unique design of the Physics Forceps allows for light but constant pressure to be applied to the tooth which leads to chemical changes in the PDL and subsequent release of the Sharpey's fibers.

Stop routinely referring out extractions, or simply make your extractions more simple and predictable. There is a better way than conventional oral surgery forceps. The most exciting and innovative advancement in exodontias in over 200 years!
Some of the many advantages of utilizing our dental extraction forceps include:

  • Predictable and efficient atraumatic tooth extractions typically in less than four minutes
  • Preserves the buccal bone and cortical plate (no laying flaps or removing bone to access roots)
  • Virtually eliminates root tip fractures
  • Increases services available to your patients so you do not need to refer them out
  • Increases patient referrals based on atraumatic tooth extraction
  • Increases your bottom line by eliminating referrals
  • Assists with efficient full mouth reconstructive extractions
  • Supports immediate implant placement as now being taught in dental implant courses

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