Many educators and industry leaders currently use and recommend the Physics Forceps as their preferred choice of atraumatic tooth extraction instruments in their private practices, seminars, study clubs, and lectures to achieve atraumatic extractions in a simple, predictable and efficient manner. This is what some of the many industry leaders currently using the Physics Forceps had to say about their experiences with the Physics Forceps.

Dr. Lisa Germain - "The Physics Forceps not only gives my patients comfort, it makes it easy for me to do consistent, atraumatic extractions with the same strength as someone twice my size. I cannot overstate the value of this simple, yet very empowering instrument."

Dr. Louis Malcmacher - "The Physics Forceps are by far one of the greatest advancements I have seen in exodontias in my 28 year career."

Dr. Ara Nazarian - "The Physics Forceps have given me the opportunity to do full mouth extractions in a fraction of the time it used to take. In fact, not only am I more efficient in surgically extracting these teeth, but also in preserving as much bone in the process. I highly recommend implementing the Physics Forceps into your general dentistry practice. We recommend it to all our students at the Reconstructive Dentistry Institute!"

Dr. Sonia Leziy - "These forceps don't rely on brute force, but rather use the simple concept of leverage."

Dr. Stephen Buchanan - "Properly applied, these instruments work like magic!"

Dr. Tony Feck - "Seldom do new innovations come along that truly revolutionize the way a dentist approaches a service - this is one!"

Ms. Sally McKenzie - "Consulting with dentists across the country, I have found the Physics Forceps to be real practice builder - I highly recommend them."

Dr. Lorin Berland - "My associates and I have found the Physics Forceps allow far less trauma to the patient and almost as important, far less stress on us!"

Dr. Arthur "Kit" Weathers - "When I first saw the ads for the Physics Forceps, I did not believe the claims could be true. I began to experiment with them and found that they worked even better than I expected. Extracting teeth will never be the same again!"

Dr. Robert Fazio - "My genuine thanks for making available this revolutionary advancement in dentistry!"

Dr. Mauro Fradeani - "Two thumbs up for the Physics Forceps!"

Dr. Ryan Swain - "I have done plenty of extractions during my career. I’ve done full mouth extraction cases and I’ve dealt with just about every type of tooth that exists. No matter how many teeth I extracted, I never felt fully relaxed and confident during the procedures. That all changed when I started using Physics Forceps."

Dr. Thomas McGarry - "The Physics Forceps gives dentists with limited surgical experience the ability to safely remove teeth...which is the cornerstone of implant therapy."

Dr. Jon Julian - "The beauty of the Physics Forceps is the amount of bone that can be preserved while doing extractions, which is very important when placing implants into those extraction sites. Completely atraumatic for the dentist, staff and most important, patient."

Dr. Lorne Lavine - "As a technology consultant that is always evaluating new products and high-tech, I was amazed when I saw the new innovation for extracting teeth from Golden Dental Solutions, the Physics Forceps. They really are unique and innovative, but more important they are simple and make sense."

Dr. Yoshitsugu Terauchi - "The Physics Forceps are great! They make it so easy to extract a tooth without damaging soft or hard tissue around the root. In endodontics, there are cases where surgery is required to remove an infection and I find that the forceps work great for intentional replantation compared to periapical surgery that requires an incision."

Dr. Diwakar Kinra - "When extracting endodontically compromised teeth, I trust the physics forceps for atraumatic exodontia."

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