Broad spectrum (460nm +/- 20nm) light cures all materials in just one or two seconds!

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FlashMaxP3 is the most powerful curing light in the world with an output of 5,840 mw/cm2. A pleasure to use all day weighing in at only 120 grams with an overall dimension of just 25 mm x 250 mm. Revolutionary ergonomic design for comfortable pen or pistol grip users

Select from three program modes: Single Exposure, Double Exposure or Rapid Fire.

Advanced replaceable LiFePO4 battery and charging system. 2 hour re-charge provides 500 x 1 second cures. Battery does not need to be depleted before re-charge.

Elegant 360 degree charging base with magnetic connection to light.



FlashMax P3 High-Speed Curing Light


The all new FlashMax P3 is the most powerful curing light in the world. A wide-spectrum output of more than 5,800 mw/cm2, cures 3mm layers of most materials in only 1 or 2 seconds.  Manufactured in Denmark, the FlashMax P3 features a unique ergonomic design with simple identical bilateral controls  in an elegant, cordless form factor.  Replaceable smart-charge battery technology allows the light to charge throughout the day on its 360 degree base and activates 200 cures on a single charge.  Nearly three times the power of plasma arc lights at a fraction of the cost.

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